Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fyrinnae Haul Part 1

A few weeks ago I ordered some pigment eyeshadows and a primer from Fyrinnae. This was my first order from them and I didn't even know the existed until I saw a post by the sweet Morena from the Daily Swatch which is found here. I think they only took a week to arrive here which is quiet fast.
The thing I loved most about this website is that you get the chance to order samples which is only $2. In fact I ordered 12 samples and also a sample of their primer which is supposed to make the colours and glitters pop more. I don't have anything negative to say about this company and I'm looking forward to order from them again. I almost forgot to mention that they sent me a free sample =)

So here they are I went a little crazy on the colours although I'm quiet a neutral colour lover but with all the colours they offer I promising you it will be very difficult for you to decide.






I'm going to post soon the other part of the haul 
thanks for watching :)
Pinkishbeauty11 xoxo

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with this company. I bought these products with my money.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Body Shop Haul =D

Hi luvlies :)

Hope all of you have been fine :)

Yesterday I went in a lovely, tranquil, awesome place called tadadada ... BODY SHOP 
aaa how much I love this place, I'm a type of person that loves anything that has to do with showery/bath things and here in Malta we don't have the privilege of a Lush shop so the quiet nearest thing to that is Body Shop. 
Ever since I was a child I used to go in this shop with my aunt and she used to always buy me a product. I remember having almost all the lipbalms body shop offer... yeahhh I was a lipbalm junkie ;)

SO onto the haul...

I choose 3 products

I've never tried hair products by body shop but I've been hearing loads of good things about the banana shampoo and conditioner and I needed a soft, gentle shampoo and conditioner for my hair which has been very dry at the ends and for my hair extensions. I have not yet tried them but I'm going to do so tonight and may even review them later when I have my own opinion on them so I'm not going to go in detail about the smell, texture etc
the shampoo &

the conditioner

and than I got this Body wash

in green apple, I did not need this but I will tell you later why I got it. The smell is an amazing crispy fresh green apple scent exactly like it's name states. I haven't used this one yet so I'm not sure about the lather and the moisture it leaves onto the skin but I have used the strawberry and even the musky one and they lather pretty well.

I need to state that these are discontinued products so it might be kind of hard to find. These babies were in a basket mixed with other scented body washes which are also discontinued  and where on offer that if you buy 3 you will only pay €10, that is why I added the green apple body wash, I thought maybe thats not of a big of a bargain but when  I read the receipt it stated that every one of them retails for €5.50 so I got more than one of them for free which is awesome =) 

Thanks guys for reading, stay tuned for more body shop stuff I need to review :)
hope you have an awesome day

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with this company. These products where all bought with my money.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Ebay nail glue battle

Hi guys,

So today I'm going to be reviewing two ebay nail glue, as I said in the Uv gel post linked here

The brush glue

 The tip glue


    Brush glue - It's easy to apply, it's like applying nail polish and is also good for applying rhinestones,etc on  your nail.
Tip glue - It's has a more precise application for you nail tip, the only con about this is that you have to squeeze the bottle very hard especially after a lot of uses.


    Brush glue - this nail glue is a disaster, when you apply it on your nail tip and than put it on your nail, one has to stay 20 seconds pressing it without the slight motion or else it will not stick.
     Tip glue - whole process takes less than 5 seconds to dry and stick on your nails.

Total number of uses

Brush glue - 10g for a whole set I used half of the bottle. I think you can use up the whole bottle because I haven't seen yet any hardening of the glue, which is why it is not sticky at all.
  Tip glue -3g used for more than 10 whole sets, and still a quarter full but the only problem is that the tip is    not working anymore since some glue dried in it so you have to remove the tip and use a brush to extract the glue.


Price is not always the same from ebay obviously but tip glue always retails cheaper than brush glue.


Brush glue -  If you're going to use this be very careful and use an old cloth or newspaper cause it will spill very easily and it has a large opening so you can easily ruin your desk as I did :/
Tip glue - Always take precaution but with this glue it very precise and for the glue to come out you must press the bottle hard so if it falls over nothing will come out .


Buy the tip glue!! haha this was so easy to choose. I have 5 bottles of brush glue and don't know what to do with them, but I'll be using them for only rhinestones or other nail art.

Bye, bye my luvlies :)

I'm back :)

Hi luvlies,

It's been more than two weeks since I did my last post and so much has happened. I wasn't able to blog since my mother had a major operation and I had to take care of her, and while my mum was recovering in hospital my boyfriend's grandfather died. I was so stressed that I needed quiet sometime to recover everything and needed to be right next to someone I love and help him get through this tough times, and after that I needed time to get back together and start back to my daily routine which is so hectic. But enough said I'll be back to you soon.
Hope you enjoy reading my posts. Subscribe :)
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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Foxylocks extensions :DD

 Hi guys,

Today I'm going to give you a brief review on foxylocks extensions which I received in my mail last Monday. So here's my story,
my hair has been in a bob length or shorter since I was around 13 years and now I'm 19 going on 20. I tried to let my hair grow but I always ended up cutting it again since I remembered the high maintenance my hair needed when it was long. Mind you when I was 13 I didn't know the magic a straightener could do to your hair and how beautiful my wavy hair looked like, I always used to put it in a bun so that it was out of the way and neat silly me... Another reason for cutting it is that when it is shoulder length I find my face looking like taller, I don't know how to explain but that's what my brain tells me haha. I did my hair in every bob style possible so obviously I grew tired of the bob style and I wouldn't make it grow

 so I decided I wanted to do the Frankie Sandford famous pixie haircut. 

at first I hated my hair like this but than it slowly grew on me and loved it. That was last July but from there it began to grow and I decided that I'm going to grow my hair out long enough to do whatever hairstyle I'm in the mood for. Now my hair usually grows very fast but its already been 7 months and it hasn't grown to a decent bob yet. Here is how my hair looks like right now.

I'm hating the shorter side of my hair and it's been driving me crazy. Now I've never dreamed of using extensions or that but I couldn't wait any longer I want LONG hair. So I did my research and I ended up in difficulty between LUXY hair extensions and Foxylocks extensions. Price wise they were nearly the same, one came from Canada and the other from England so I figured that it would be better if I bought it from England and another thing is that there are more reviews on youtube about the Foxylocks than there are on Luxy. I saw many different reviews but I could pick out the similarities, there were good reviews and bad reviews but I still decided to buy them and I will give you my opinion later on, after I've tested out all sorts of things on them. I decided I wanted to buy them since January but everytime I try to order they are out of stock. I sent them a picture with my hair colour and they matched me to caramel blonde. So on the 20 th of February when I saw that they are available I ordered the deluxe one in caramel blonde. Exactly one week after they arrived, that was super fast and I was so happy. I instantly knew that the extensions colour was to light and did not match my hair at all but they can be coloured and I'm even thinking of colouring my hair the extensions's colour instead of the other way round but I'm going to wait and see. Here are some pics of me with the extensions and you can see exactly what I'm talking about but I still love them and they were so easy to put on, the only things I have to do is match my hair and trim the extensions so they blend better with  my hair. :DD

That's all for now on the Foxylocks extensions stay tuned for a full review :)
Pinkishbeauty11 xoxo