Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Body Shop Haul =D

Hi luvlies :)

Hope all of you have been fine :)

Yesterday I went in a lovely, tranquil, awesome place called tadadada ... BODY SHOP 
aaa how much I love this place, I'm a type of person that loves anything that has to do with showery/bath things and here in Malta we don't have the privilege of a Lush shop so the quiet nearest thing to that is Body Shop. 
Ever since I was a child I used to go in this shop with my aunt and she used to always buy me a product. I remember having almost all the lipbalms body shop offer... yeahhh I was a lipbalm junkie ;)

SO onto the haul...

I choose 3 products

I've never tried hair products by body shop but I've been hearing loads of good things about the banana shampoo and conditioner and I needed a soft, gentle shampoo and conditioner for my hair which has been very dry at the ends and for my hair extensions. I have not yet tried them but I'm going to do so tonight and may even review them later when I have my own opinion on them so I'm not going to go in detail about the smell, texture etc
the shampoo &

the conditioner

and than I got this Body wash

in green apple, I did not need this but I will tell you later why I got it. The smell is an amazing crispy fresh green apple scent exactly like it's name states. I haven't used this one yet so I'm not sure about the lather and the moisture it leaves onto the skin but I have used the strawberry and even the musky one and they lather pretty well.

I need to state that these are discontinued products so it might be kind of hard to find. These babies were in a basket mixed with other scented body washes which are also discontinued  and where on offer that if you buy 3 you will only pay €10, that is why I added the green apple body wash, I thought maybe thats not of a big of a bargain but when  I read the receipt it stated that every one of them retails for €5.50 so I got more than one of them for free which is awesome =) 

Thanks guys for reading, stay tuned for more body shop stuff I need to review :)
hope you have an awesome day

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with this company. These products where all bought with my money.


  1. I'm a Body Shop junkie! I used to swear by their lip balms and butters growing up. I now also adore the majority of their body butters - I'm using the Olive one currently and it's fabulous!

    btw, I found your blog via 'All Things Beauty, Make-Up and Shopping'... I love finding new blogs to read. Looks like yours is gonna be a lot of fun. I'm following you. Feel free to check out mine too if you like ~

    1. Hi swty thanks for the lovely comment :) I'm following you as well! There will be more body shop reviews and hauls in the future and keep up your good work on your blog it's amazing as well :)) xoxo