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How to make UV gel Nails

Hi luvlies :)

A week ago or so I posted about UV gel nails and promised to do a post about how to do UV gel nails yourself... So I kept my promise and I'm going to start first by showing you the things you're going to need and than write the process step by step, don't worry it's easy if I can do it so can you :) I'm not an artsy or creative person so for all of you that think it's impossible, it actually is and the satisfaction you take when some one tell's you wow pretty nails and you respond that you actually did them is great :D

So here are the things you're going to need. Basically all bought from ebay for a very cheap price:

 UV gel clear  

White tips
Clear Tips

Uv Lamp- mine is 36 W which consists of 4 lamps so the nail dries faster and better but 9 W lamp can also be used :)

Nail Glue with brush

Nail glue without brush 

Small flat brush  for precision  

Nail File

Cutical clipper
Nail Clipper

Antiseptic Wipes

Now the easy steps for your pretty nails:

Prepare your nails
  • Make sure your nails are clean by using antiseptic wipes or antiseptic gel (this will prevent your nails from fungus or bacteria build up)
  • Push your cuticles and cut them with a cuticle clipper (this will make the nails last longer since it wouldn't lift)
  • File your nails until they look mate and they are not shiny ( this will make the gel and tip stick to your nail and prevent the oils from your nails to lift the nail)

False nail  Application

  • Choose between clear or white tips according to your following nail art.
  • Choose the size for each nail (usually there are approximately 10 nail sizes once you choose the sizes write them down somewhere so that you can skip this step the next time :) )
  • Glue them to your nails. I prefer putting the glue on the tips then press them on the nail.( I'll be doing a review about the glue and which one is better and the different techniques) Also when doing nails use a cloth or something to cover the surface of where you are working because it is quite messy and it stains. Last Monday the brush glue was open and accidently fell over and spilled all over my boyfriend's desk if you by any chance know how to remove it and is kind enough to share please comment :(
  • Use the nail clipper and choose your desired length and cut
  • File the top to smooth the edges
  • File the nail again so the bottom part of the tip is thin as possible and is smoothed out with your natural nail ( it will help in the next process so that the Uv gel sets equally)

UV Gel Application
  • Dip your brush in the gel and pat it out on your nail like you do with nail polish. ( don't worry if your nail is blotched a little bit it will eventually smooth out, also try to stay away from your cuticle line so it doesn't lift )
  • Put your hand in the UV lamp and leave it for 2-4 minutes (my lamp has an automatic timer and it switches off after 2 minutes therefore to make sure my nails are cured completely I leave them there again for 2 minutes). Don't worry if your nails still look gooey and sticky after curing we will get to that part later. 
  • Repeat this part again.
Nail Art
  • If you're feeling crafty you can make some nail art using nail polish, glitters, rhinestones, dried flowers etc ( I'll be showing you my nail art stuff in another post )
  • If not you can choose the white tips and VOILA you have french nails :) I recommend trying these at your first trial since its easier and you will have already some courage for the next time..

Final Part
  • When I usually do nail art I put on another layer of UV gel and cure it again so to conceal my nail art but that is up to you. I prefer layering since it would make the nail thicker and stronger.
  • To remove the sticky top part all you need is an antiseptic wipe and rube your nails ( I tried nail remover also but I found antiseptic wipes better)
  • Optional you can do a top coat it can either be uv or any normal top coat you usually use for your nail polish. I skip this step since the UV gel has already that nice shine :)

That's all :) I'm not a professional and have never done a course on gel nails, I learnt doing them from practice and following some youtube videos although uv gel nails are not that popular on youtube and it's very difficult to find one :/ I hope I managed to help you out and encouraged you to stop spending so much money on nail technician when you can do them whenever you want :D Thanks for reading and please follow :)

pinkishbeauty11 xoxo


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