Sunday, 5 February 2012

Intro :))

Hi guys :))

So like any other girls  I go through phases where I love doing or buying things.

For example:

  • SHOES, yes I'm a shoeholic :D 
  • CANDLES, mmmmmmmmmmmm I <3 loads of different scents but bakery and sweet scents are my all time fave..
  • MAKE-UP, well I don't know how I did not mention this in the first place maybe cause I'm so excited to post my first post haha. I love experimenting with make-up and also the best retail therapy for me is buying make-up, it makes me sooooo HAPPY especially when I buy a whole lot and I have a week or more playing  with them like a 5 year old playing with her dolls but anyways I'm sure you all understand that feeling. 
  • TEA, I'm also a teaholic it's the best feeling in the world especially in winter staying in bed with a hot cup of tea and a book in hand :)) I've recently bought some items from Teavana which I'll be reviewing soon so stayed tuned if you're a tea loverrr...
  • UV GEL NAILS, I do them on myself and on other family members and friends. I love buying nail art stuff since there are so many things you can choose from and things you can create with them. I have a nail art haul and some other stuff I bough from ebay to review. And also I'll be showing you some of the nail art I created and the whole story why I started doing them myself and also some tutorials but I'll leave that to another post.
  • COOKING, as you may have already seen I <3 experimenting with everything especially with food, my specialities go from healthy salads with some twists to make it more bearable and delicious to chocolate truffles, red velvet cupcakes and what ever a sweet tooth may dream of. That I'll have time to talk about later on and show you step by step my recipes :D

Well thats all for today... talk to you laters
Welcome aboard my ride :P
Cheers xxxx


  1. hey! i have followed! thanks sooo much for the comment on my blog! ( ) i feel the same! I only have 3 months too! very tough! and my exam didnt go too well if im honest as i ran out of time (not out of lack of knowledge but more timing issues and learning/speed problems) ohh well! cute blog! keep checking up on mine ;;) what do you think of it so far? how did you find it ? xx

  2. Hey thanks so much :) The same happened to me during the exam the last half hour I couldn't write anymore I thought my hand was going to fall lool.. I found it amazing and if you don't mind I am eager to ask you to review some topics for me and others I know, only if you want though :). In my opinion it's so much better to learn from another student and how he learnt it than learning it by reading book or from the lecturer keep up your good work I'll definitely would be checking it out and I see that you have a beauty channel (we have a lot in common :P) I'm gonna follow you there too ttyl xxxxx

    1. thanks sweety! I was really into beauty blogging but now i really dont have time :( i will get back into it one day ! what kind of topics? i feel the same btw! about learning from my students who are learning at the same pace! I went to an economics and politics conference a few days ago and i will post you on the content from it! it was so interesting! have you read any econ books? im reading free lunch atm its very good! xxx

  3. Yes I saw your post I hope you had loads of fun, you're lucky your school takes you to these types of conference cause at uni we only have the lectures just for the sake of passing our exam at the end of the semester :/ No I haven't read any books what do you recommend reading? Economics is so much fun I didn't realise that before actually studying it, you learn all sorts of concepts, how everything really works and how basic economy is. It's like in science you learn how the world and all other things work while in economics you learn how the society really works. I'm sorry I don't know how to express myself since English is not my language but I hope you'll understand me :) I'm having so much fun chatting with you if your interested here's my email so we could talk more there :)) XxXxX