Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Teavana haul

Hi guys :)

Today my post is for all the teaholics that are fed up of drinking the 'normal' tea ( the teabags). I'm going to show you my teavana haul and in another post I will review them. I'm going to give you a little bit of a background about the website and customer service of teavana.

So I ordered my haul on 13th January and I was sent a confirmation email the day after. This period was when they were having a sale so stay alert for their sales cause they have very good sales especially with teas. When I read the email I noticed that the address wasn't correct and wasn't the way I wrote it down on their website and I checked on their website and there was my correct address. My postal code wasn't correct and I panicked a little knowing that in my country postal service is not the best and packages go missing sometimes. So I replied to the same email and waited. (I forgot to tell you that a week before ordering I sent an email asking about some of their products and another email about postage and have since then never received a reply.) After 5 days I was sent another my package was shipped. I panicked and sent them another email instantly, another day passed and I finally received an email. It was very blunt and impolite saying that it was all my fault and that they have no fault and that they did not receive the email I sent them and that they couldn't change the address. I stayed calm and asked them for a tracking number since they state on the website that once your package is shipped you would receive a tracking number. I waited for 2 whole weeks without a reply, until I received a letter that my package has arrived and I had to collect it from the department of customs, thank god :) I was so relieved that it arrived safely and I'm so happy with the things I ordered I couldn't wait to start trying them but I still did not manage to try everything :'( so as I said before I' m going make a review about the teas, the favorites and hopefully not about the ones I don't recommend getting.

My order had came to the total of $112 including shipping and here's what I got :

I' m going to start with the basic things I got and leave the interesting part for the last :D

The perfect Tea Maker 

6 (3oz) tins so my tea stays fresh :)

8oz German Rock sugar

Their best blend of tea Youthberry & Wild Orange Blossom Blend which was a free sample :)

Green Tea- Superfruit Unity (2oz)
Herbal Tea- Peach Tranquility (2oz)

Oolong Tea - Yumberry Wulong (2oz)
Mate Tea - Acai Matetini (2 oz)

 White tea -Youthberry (2 oz)

Black tea - Weight to go (2 oz)

These are all the things I bought, if you have noticed I tried to buy every type of tea since I never had a chance to taste these different types of loose leaves. The only category I did not order from was the Rooibos teas so if you have a favourite please share :)

Thats all for today tada ;)
Pinkishbeauty11 xoxo
Disclaimer: I have bought all these products myself and I'm not being paid to make this post these are all my opinions.


  1. I love Teavana, i just got into it too. Great stuff! I nominated you for a blog award if your interested check out my post :)

  2. I just posted on your blog :) I'll be checking out your blog for more teavana hauls, I'm currently waiting for teavana to do international shipping for free since last time it was a little bit expensive :)

  3. oooh I love tea!