Monday, 6 February 2012

Essence haul :D

Hi guys :))

So today I made a haul yeyyy :P All products are by essence.

I've been introduced to this company I think  3 years ago. I remember I bought a nail polish which was a red colour and a lip gloss plumper. I used to love the lip gloss plumper (I don't know exactly what it's name was), I used to use it above another lipgloss since at that time I was more of glossy person than lipsticky :p and it would make my lips so full and pretty. It used to tingle in the beginning but it was quite bearable but after sometime I had to throw it out since it started smelling weird and the tingly feeling became more like a burning feeling. I think it's discontinued because I did not see them on the stall I'm not quiet sure though :/ Another product I loved and I'm still loving is the xxxl shine lipgloss if you love frosty colours you will definately love these.

Where I live we don't get the chance to have a mac, nars, urban decay or any other famous make-up companies, we only have drugstore make-up available pfffft tough luck right? But I'm still able to buy those brands through online shopping thank god :DD. Essence has very cheap products compared to the other drugstore make-up like rimmel, maybelline, revlon etc... and after surfing the internet to learn more and read reviews about the company I could also feel a hype about this company since it was not only about the price its also about the quality so here's what I bought to try out. the following are pictures I found on the internet since I can't find my camera and my webcam isn't giving the swatches justice so I will post the swatches later on :

essence waterproof liquid eyeliner - €2.78

essence metallic eyepencil 02 white divine - €1.49

essence soft touch mousse make-up 01 matt sand - €4.19

essence eyeshadow 03 starlight - €1.79

essence 2 in 1 volume mascara - €3.69

essence eyebrow designer 02 brown - €1.69

essence smokey eyes brush - €1.49

essence multi dimension nail polish 71 Wanna Kiss - €2.11
(couldn't find a pic but I'll review it soon it's a pale dirty pink pastel colour)

I got a total of 8 products for only €19.23 wuhuuuuu :D

Pinkishbeauty11 XxX


  1. Thanku for your comment And for inviting me to your giveaway I'm following you :))