Tuesday, 7 February 2012

UV gel nails

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So today I'm gonna talk about UV gel nails. I have had my nails done at a nail technician for about 1 and a half years. I used to go every 4 weeks to get a refill. I have had both uv gel and acrylic (since I changed my nail technician) which have a different type of application and I used to prefer the acrylic since they used to last me for approximately 3 weeks while the uv gel nails used to last for 1-2 weeks. It was becoming expensive and the nail art wasn't anything special that I couldn't practise and do.

So I started searching and using utube to see tutorials, how to them myself, and I decided to opt for the acrylic nails. I wanted to start with basic and searched for cheap alternatives on ebay and found a pack that included the acrylic, its liquid, brush cleaner, nail cutter, buffer and white nail tips. When it arrived I started to experiment with it day after day. I also manged to do a full set but after an hour they started falling out and they weren't very neat. The surface wasn't smooth since acrylic is a powder and u mix it with a liquid which makes it solidify and pack it on your nails. After a whole month I lost hope on the acrylic but I started searching again for a better alternative.

I must say I did not find a lot of videos on utube about uv gel and I must I hit Jackpot :) I also bough a 36W uv-lamp since it would have been impossible to do them without it. They came out perfect from the first trail I was so happy. I started doing a basic french nail and than started slowly trying different types of nail art since my boyfriend bought me a whole lot of nail art stuff such as glitters, shells etc which I'll show in another post...
I tried glitters, tinsils, dried flowers and tried creating some nail art with nail pens. Below are two nail art they are not very clear since I took them with my phone..


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