Friday, 24 February 2012

Perfume of The Week

Hi lovelies,

So today I came up with the idea of reviewing a perfume once a week. I've always loved perfumes, when I was little I used to be intrigued by the perfume bottles my mother owned and not by the whole concept of a perfume. Slowly I began to explore all my mum's perfume scents and started choosing my favourite scents and what I hate about the others. Now I've been collecting perfumes for around 5 years and it's always growing and growing :)

I'm going to categories the perfume in 6 sections

  1. notes
  2. staying power 
  3. packaging
  4. price
  5. repurchase or not
  6. overall thought  
Some of the categories would be given a vote 1 being the lowest 10 being the highest.

So if you're looking for a new perfume to buy or you share the same interest stay tuned for the first perfume I'll be reviewing which is going to be Purr by Katy Perry.

Thank you for watching 
Pinkishbeauty11 xoxo

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nail Art I'm currently rockin' ;)

Hi Guys :)
Here is the nail art I currently have on my nails

 it's simple


and fast to do :)

All you need is a dark blue nail polish
a silver glitter polish
a dark blue glitter polish

2 in 1 pen bought from ebay 
Dark blue nail polish

Pinkishbeauty11 xoxox

How to make UV gel Nails

Hi luvlies :)

A week ago or so I posted about UV gel nails and promised to do a post about how to do UV gel nails yourself... So I kept my promise and I'm going to start first by showing you the things you're going to need and than write the process step by step, don't worry it's easy if I can do it so can you :) I'm not an artsy or creative person so for all of you that think it's impossible, it actually is and the satisfaction you take when some one tell's you wow pretty nails and you respond that you actually did them is great :D

So here are the things you're going to need. Basically all bought from ebay for a very cheap price:

 UV gel clear  

White tips
Clear Tips

Uv Lamp- mine is 36 W which consists of 4 lamps so the nail dries faster and better but 9 W lamp can also be used :)

Nail Glue with brush

Nail glue without brush 

Small flat brush  for precision  

Nail File

Cutical clipper
Nail Clipper

Antiseptic Wipes

Now the easy steps for your pretty nails:

Prepare your nails
  • Make sure your nails are clean by using antiseptic wipes or antiseptic gel (this will prevent your nails from fungus or bacteria build up)
  • Push your cuticles and cut them with a cuticle clipper (this will make the nails last longer since it wouldn't lift)
  • File your nails until they look mate and they are not shiny ( this will make the gel and tip stick to your nail and prevent the oils from your nails to lift the nail)

False nail  Application

  • Choose between clear or white tips according to your following nail art.
  • Choose the size for each nail (usually there are approximately 10 nail sizes once you choose the sizes write them down somewhere so that you can skip this step the next time :) )
  • Glue them to your nails. I prefer putting the glue on the tips then press them on the nail.( I'll be doing a review about the glue and which one is better and the different techniques) Also when doing nails use a cloth or something to cover the surface of where you are working because it is quite messy and it stains. Last Monday the brush glue was open and accidently fell over and spilled all over my boyfriend's desk if you by any chance know how to remove it and is kind enough to share please comment :(
  • Use the nail clipper and choose your desired length and cut
  • File the top to smooth the edges
  • File the nail again so the bottom part of the tip is thin as possible and is smoothed out with your natural nail ( it will help in the next process so that the Uv gel sets equally)

UV Gel Application
  • Dip your brush in the gel and pat it out on your nail like you do with nail polish. ( don't worry if your nail is blotched a little bit it will eventually smooth out, also try to stay away from your cuticle line so it doesn't lift )
  • Put your hand in the UV lamp and leave it for 2-4 minutes (my lamp has an automatic timer and it switches off after 2 minutes therefore to make sure my nails are cured completely I leave them there again for 2 minutes). Don't worry if your nails still look gooey and sticky after curing we will get to that part later. 
  • Repeat this part again.
Nail Art
  • If you're feeling crafty you can make some nail art using nail polish, glitters, rhinestones, dried flowers etc ( I'll be showing you my nail art stuff in another post )
  • If not you can choose the white tips and VOILA you have french nails :) I recommend trying these at your first trial since its easier and you will have already some courage for the next time..

Final Part
  • When I usually do nail art I put on another layer of UV gel and cure it again so to conceal my nail art but that is up to you. I prefer layering since it would make the nail thicker and stronger.
  • To remove the sticky top part all you need is an antiseptic wipe and rube your nails ( I tried nail remover also but I found antiseptic wipes better)
  • Optional you can do a top coat it can either be uv or any normal top coat you usually use for your nail polish. I skip this step since the UV gel has already that nice shine :)

That's all :) I'm not a professional and have never done a course on gel nails, I learnt doing them from practice and following some youtube videos although uv gel nails are not that popular on youtube and it's very difficult to find one :/ I hope I managed to help you out and encouraged you to stop spending so much money on nail technician when you can do them whenever you want :D Thanks for reading and please follow :)

pinkishbeauty11 xoxo


Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Versatile Blog Award

I've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the sweet ThePolishHoochie. I was so excited to get this award since I've not been here for long. To be nominated by a person that I've been following on utube, watching her hauls especially her Teavana hauls is amazing :)) Thank you so much I really appreciate it :D These types of awards are good to get to know new bloggers so I tried to nominate blogs that I love and those that deserve a watch/followers.

Accepting this award comes with a few rules 

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers. (I only did 13)
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

So here are the bloggers I nominated:

  1. libloveseconomics
  2. The Daily Swatch
  3. allthingsbeautymake-upandshopping
  4. Silvia's Gossip
  5. Love Charley
  6. camigmakeup4u2c
  7. Beauty on the Brain
  8. Thrifty Girl Loves
  9. Asa Nisi Masa Nail Spot
  10. 9ml Universe
  11. pinkissimo-pinkhair
  12. Pink Please Beauty Blog
  13. within-my-eyes

 Random Facts
  1. From Monday to Friday I live on an island while on the weekends I live on another.
  2. I'm afraid of dogs.
  3. I have an amazing boyfriend :)
  4. I'm currently studying For a Commerce, Finance and Economics Degree.
  5. I'm a legal driver but I don't own a car yet :/
  6. Pink is my favourite colour.
  7. I <3 cooking but hate cleaning up the dishes

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Teavana haul

Hi guys :)

Today my post is for all the teaholics that are fed up of drinking the 'normal' tea ( the teabags). I'm going to show you my teavana haul and in another post I will review them. I'm going to give you a little bit of a background about the website and customer service of teavana.

So I ordered my haul on 13th January and I was sent a confirmation email the day after. This period was when they were having a sale so stay alert for their sales cause they have very good sales especially with teas. When I read the email I noticed that the address wasn't correct and wasn't the way I wrote it down on their website and I checked on their website and there was my correct address. My postal code wasn't correct and I panicked a little knowing that in my country postal service is not the best and packages go missing sometimes. So I replied to the same email and waited. (I forgot to tell you that a week before ordering I sent an email asking about some of their products and another email about postage and have since then never received a reply.) After 5 days I was sent another my package was shipped. I panicked and sent them another email instantly, another day passed and I finally received an email. It was very blunt and impolite saying that it was all my fault and that they have no fault and that they did not receive the email I sent them and that they couldn't change the address. I stayed calm and asked them for a tracking number since they state on the website that once your package is shipped you would receive a tracking number. I waited for 2 whole weeks without a reply, until I received a letter that my package has arrived and I had to collect it from the department of customs, thank god :) I was so relieved that it arrived safely and I'm so happy with the things I ordered I couldn't wait to start trying them but I still did not manage to try everything :'( so as I said before I' m going make a review about the teas, the favorites and hopefully not about the ones I don't recommend getting.

My order had came to the total of $112 including shipping and here's what I got :

I' m going to start with the basic things I got and leave the interesting part for the last :D

The perfect Tea Maker 

6 (3oz) tins so my tea stays fresh :)

8oz German Rock sugar

Their best blend of tea Youthberry & Wild Orange Blossom Blend which was a free sample :)

Green Tea- Superfruit Unity (2oz)
Herbal Tea- Peach Tranquility (2oz)

Oolong Tea - Yumberry Wulong (2oz)
Mate Tea - Acai Matetini (2 oz)

 White tea -Youthberry (2 oz)

Black tea - Weight to go (2 oz)

These are all the things I bought, if you have noticed I tried to buy every type of tea since I never had a chance to taste these different types of loose leaves. The only category I did not order from was the Rooibos teas so if you have a favourite please share :)

Thats all for today tada ;)
Pinkishbeauty11 xoxo
Disclaimer: I have bought all these products myself and I'm not being paid to make this post these are all my opinions.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

UV gel nails

Hi guys :)

So today I'm gonna talk about UV gel nails. I have had my nails done at a nail technician for about 1 and a half years. I used to go every 4 weeks to get a refill. I have had both uv gel and acrylic (since I changed my nail technician) which have a different type of application and I used to prefer the acrylic since they used to last me for approximately 3 weeks while the uv gel nails used to last for 1-2 weeks. It was becoming expensive and the nail art wasn't anything special that I couldn't practise and do.

So I started searching and using utube to see tutorials, how to them myself, and I decided to opt for the acrylic nails. I wanted to start with basic and searched for cheap alternatives on ebay and found a pack that included the acrylic, its liquid, brush cleaner, nail cutter, buffer and white nail tips. When it arrived I started to experiment with it day after day. I also manged to do a full set but after an hour they started falling out and they weren't very neat. The surface wasn't smooth since acrylic is a powder and u mix it with a liquid which makes it solidify and pack it on your nails. After a whole month I lost hope on the acrylic but I started searching again for a better alternative.

I must say I did not find a lot of videos on utube about uv gel and I must I hit Jackpot :) I also bough a 36W uv-lamp since it would have been impossible to do them without it. They came out perfect from the first trail I was so happy. I started doing a basic french nail and than started slowly trying different types of nail art since my boyfriend bought me a whole lot of nail art stuff such as glitters, shells etc which I'll show in another post...
I tried glitters, tinsils, dried flowers and tried creating some nail art with nail pens. Below are two nail art they are not very clear since I took them with my phone..


Thank you for reading this post. Make my day , follow me :)
Pinkishbeauty11 XxX

Monday, 6 February 2012

Essence haul :D

Hi guys :))

So today I made a haul yeyyy :P All products are by essence.

I've been introduced to this company I think  3 years ago. I remember I bought a nail polish which was a red colour and a lip gloss plumper. I used to love the lip gloss plumper (I don't know exactly what it's name was), I used to use it above another lipgloss since at that time I was more of glossy person than lipsticky :p and it would make my lips so full and pretty. It used to tingle in the beginning but it was quite bearable but after sometime I had to throw it out since it started smelling weird and the tingly feeling became more like a burning feeling. I think it's discontinued because I did not see them on the stall I'm not quiet sure though :/ Another product I loved and I'm still loving is the xxxl shine lipgloss if you love frosty colours you will definately love these.

Where I live we don't get the chance to have a mac, nars, urban decay or any other famous make-up companies, we only have drugstore make-up available pfffft tough luck right? But I'm still able to buy those brands through online shopping thank god :DD. Essence has very cheap products compared to the other drugstore make-up like rimmel, maybelline, revlon etc... and after surfing the internet to learn more and read reviews about the company I could also feel a hype about this company since it was not only about the price its also about the quality so here's what I bought to try out. the following are pictures I found on the internet since I can't find my camera and my webcam isn't giving the swatches justice so I will post the swatches later on :

essence waterproof liquid eyeliner - €2.78

essence metallic eyepencil 02 white divine - €1.49

essence soft touch mousse make-up 01 matt sand - €4.19

essence eyeshadow 03 starlight - €1.79

essence 2 in 1 volume mascara - €3.69

essence eyebrow designer 02 brown - €1.69

essence smokey eyes brush - €1.49

essence multi dimension nail polish 71 Wanna Kiss - €2.11
(couldn't find a pic but I'll review it soon it's a pale dirty pink pastel colour)

I got a total of 8 products for only €19.23 wuhuuuuu :D

Pinkishbeauty11 XxX

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Intro :))

Hi guys :))

So like any other girls  I go through phases where I love doing or buying things.

For example:

  • SHOES, yes I'm a shoeholic :D 
  • CANDLES, mmmmmmmmmmmm I <3 loads of different scents but bakery and sweet scents are my all time fave..
  • MAKE-UP, well I don't know how I did not mention this in the first place maybe cause I'm so excited to post my first post haha. I love experimenting with make-up and also the best retail therapy for me is buying make-up, it makes me sooooo HAPPY especially when I buy a whole lot and I have a week or more playing  with them like a 5 year old playing with her dolls but anyways I'm sure you all understand that feeling. 
  • TEA, I'm also a teaholic it's the best feeling in the world especially in winter staying in bed with a hot cup of tea and a book in hand :)) I've recently bought some items from Teavana which I'll be reviewing soon so stayed tuned if you're a tea loverrr...
  • UV GEL NAILS, I do them on myself and on other family members and friends. I love buying nail art stuff since there are so many things you can choose from and things you can create with them. I have a nail art haul and some other stuff I bough from ebay to review. And also I'll be showing you some of the nail art I created and the whole story why I started doing them myself and also some tutorials but I'll leave that to another post.
  • COOKING, as you may have already seen I <3 experimenting with everything especially with food, my specialities go from healthy salads with some twists to make it more bearable and delicious to chocolate truffles, red velvet cupcakes and what ever a sweet tooth may dream of. That I'll have time to talk about later on and show you step by step my recipes :D

Well thats all for today... talk to you laters
Welcome aboard my ride :P
Cheers xxxx