Friday, 16 March 2012

Ebay nail glue battle

Hi guys,

So today I'm going to be reviewing two ebay nail glue, as I said in the Uv gel post linked here

The brush glue

 The tip glue


    Brush glue - It's easy to apply, it's like applying nail polish and is also good for applying rhinestones,etc on  your nail.
Tip glue - It's has a more precise application for you nail tip, the only con about this is that you have to squeeze the bottle very hard especially after a lot of uses.


    Brush glue - this nail glue is a disaster, when you apply it on your nail tip and than put it on your nail, one has to stay 20 seconds pressing it without the slight motion or else it will not stick.
     Tip glue - whole process takes less than 5 seconds to dry and stick on your nails.

Total number of uses

Brush glue - 10g for a whole set I used half of the bottle. I think you can use up the whole bottle because I haven't seen yet any hardening of the glue, which is why it is not sticky at all.
  Tip glue -3g used for more than 10 whole sets, and still a quarter full but the only problem is that the tip is    not working anymore since some glue dried in it so you have to remove the tip and use a brush to extract the glue.


Price is not always the same from ebay obviously but tip glue always retails cheaper than brush glue.


Brush glue -  If you're going to use this be very careful and use an old cloth or newspaper cause it will spill very easily and it has a large opening so you can easily ruin your desk as I did :/
Tip glue - Always take precaution but with this glue it very precise and for the glue to come out you must press the bottle hard so if it falls over nothing will come out .


Buy the tip glue!! haha this was so easy to choose. I have 5 bottles of brush glue and don't know what to do with them, but I'll be using them for only rhinestones or other nail art.

Bye, bye my luvlies :)


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    1. Thanks for the lovely comments, I really appreciate :) xxx