Friday, 13 April 2012

Body Shop Make-up Brushes

As I mentioned before Body Shop is one of my top fave shops. 
And I have a good reason why :)
These are my Body Shop Make-up Brushes, they have been with me for around 5 years now and they're still rockin' haha.
So these were my first babies that I bought when I was getting into make-up ( I know you all remember that time when you would have survived with an eyeliner/mascara/lipgloss/sponge tip applicator and so on..)
woow thinking about it, that was so long ago
 ( you're thinking of your collection right now aren't you haha gotcha )

So back to the brushes, here in Malta there is no mac store ( I'm mentioning mac because when I was always surfing utube all the make-up gurus I watched where mac fanatics) so when  I was getting bored of the sponge tips and the applicators that came with the make up I realised that it was time for a mission to find some good make-up brushes. 

The magic happened when once I went into Body Shop to buy myself a new lip balm.
And there in the middle of the shop was this stand with brushes aaa I can't explain my excitement....
I ended buying all of the above, a sponge and an eyecurler which I forgot to add in this picture :/
I am going to show you close photos of these brushes individually, but I'll be reviewing one or two of them in a separate blog ( which I can't absolutely live without and yes my make up brushes collection has increased I own the complete set of sigma brushes)

So here is the eyeshadow brush

 it's flat with a round top it works well with pigments and to press on eyeshadow

Here is the blending brush if I remember well since the writing on the handle has faded away
It's dense with a round top
and quite flat from the sides this makes it the best blending brush because it's so precise..  

The Blush brush
I don't actually use it as a blush brush, but it works wonders to contour/bronze your cheekbones
It is also flatted out which makes applying bronzer accurately and dense to blend out.

The Powder Brush
It's quite dense and so so soft. It works for applying powder and even for blending bronzer all over the face
(the bits hanging out are my fault since I stored it incorrectly)

This is the comparison between the Body Shop powder blush on the right side and the Sigma powder brush F30

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