Thursday, 12 April 2012

Home Fragrance - Incense sticks

As I have said before I love anything that has to do with a good smell, it varies from perfume to food to candles and so forth. So this Easter I received a gift , it's a pack full of different incense sticks as you can see below

The pack contains six different scented packs , 
Jasmine -Floral incense sticks
Lavender- Floral incense sticks

Violet - Floral incense sticks
Red Rose- Floral incense sticks
Sandalwood - Exotic incense sticks
White Mask - Floral incense sticks

Each pack has this package inside

which contains 20 incense sticks

So a little info on incense sticks:
  • Light the top part until strikes of smokes begin to come out
  • Put it somewhere upright, I like to insert the bottom part in a candle and my mum sometimes puts them in pot porri.
  • They are safer then candles since there is no flame.
  • it will instantly fragrant your home
  • Scent-wise it's much more powerful than any home fragrance spray, candle or oil even if not lit. It will scent all your home and I am not exaggerating. 
  • I don't recommend lighting it in a closed room especially your bedroom because of it's powerful smell becomes too over powering and unbearable especially for those who like me suffer from asthma and allergies.
Overall remark if you want to scent your house quickly but do not want it to vanish these are the perfect thing for your home and although the stick will burn out after 30 minutes the fragrance will remain and become subtle after time.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
Pinkishbeauty11 xoxox

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